Now what? – Wedding Tips

After days or weeks, most of us bride-to-Be’s are still on a cloud 9 after the proposal. Soooo.. like me there are a lot of things going through my head with regard to the preparations for the wedding. I started looking for inspirations for wedding themes, gowns, flowers, color palettes, DIY, cakes etc. all over the internet. I have my pinterest account so I created a private board to save my favorites.

But, before you drown thinking about all the details, preparations and suppliers needed before your big day, I would like to suggest the following:

1. Set your budget.

Getting married these days are quite expensive. Know your needs and your wants. I know it’s hard to stick to the budget but it’s better to have start-up savings after the wedding than having debts.

2. Download wedding preparation timelines.

This will allow you properly plan ahead of the things that needs to be booked first.

3. Find a wedding community or group.

There are groups or forums that you can find on the internet. I suggest you join such groups like Weddings @ Work community. This group is a really a big help if you have questions, concerns or rants with regard to your wedding preparations. There are a lot of suggestions and supplier reviews that will help you evaluate their services.

4. Hunt for your ceremony and reception venue.

These two are the most important and should be booked first. Church and reception venues are usually reserved a year before the date of the wedding. You need to have your down payment in order to lock the date especially during peak months. It will also be good if the church and reception venue are only few minutes drive.

5. Research and compare suppliers.

This is the most difficult part! Good luck! I will list down some of my short listed suppliers before we decided to book them.

6. Search for upcoming bridal fairs.

If you find an upcoming bridal fairs, register online to avail the free admission. This is usually good for the bride and groom. You will find a lot of freebies and discounts during fairs, but make sure to research about the suppliers prior to the event.

There you go, those are my suggested list.

Happy preps and enjoy the stress!

You’ll miss it after the big day! 🙂






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