HMUA – Booked!

I am not fond of make up because I have an oily skin and prone to pimples. I am a little worried of finding a make up artist for my wedding day, I need to make sure that their products would not irritate and cause more acne on my face few days after the application. I still want to look great after the wedding.

There were two make up artists who were referred to me but I was only able to inquire to Shin.

1. Shin Chua


Email: |

Contact Numbers: 0917.584.38.81 | 0906.511.01.24

Here are the rates given to me as of June 29, 2014 for your reference. Kindly contact Shin through the emails or numbers provided above.

   Airbrush Make-Up Package
   PHP 10,000.00
   4PAX (Bride + 2 Female + Groom + Free Retouch)
   Hair Design and High Definition, Airbrush Make-up for Bride,
   2 Female Entourage (Hair and Traditional Make-up)
   Grooming for Groom
   Free Retouch  (Includes retouch from hotel and reception only)
   No Free Trial Makeup
   No Bride Assistant
   Airbrush Make-Up Package
   5pax (Bride + 3 Female + Groom +*Free Trial Makeup+  Free Unlimited Retouch)
   Hair Design and High Definition, Rub Proof, Sweat Proof, Tear Proof, Non-transferable  Airbrush Make-up for Bride,
   3 Female Entourage (Hair and Make-up) Traditional
   Grooming for Groom
   Unlimited Retouch
   Free Trial Makeup or {Prenup Makeup} + dedicated bride HMU assistant
   (Includes unlimited retouch from start until reception, change look, change of Hair, change of Makeup.)
   *Free Trial Makeup Maybe use for your prenuptial shoot. This is Done at the Shop Hairstyling and makeup is done at the shop in Makati.


2. Lindsay Co-Alog



Contact Numbers: 0917.868.0511  | 0923.181.2890


I am waiting for Shin’s email for weeks so I decided that if didn’t get an email from her before the wedding expo that we attended last June 29, 2014, I will book my make up artist from one of the exhibitors. We were able to check out the booth section for Hair and Make Up artists. The one who stands out for us is Mikka Marcaida. I did a trial make up with her and requested a smoky eyes look. I love it, one thing that we realized though is that eyeliner does not suit me well. So I decided on my wedding day I will just go for the fresh make up look. While having my trial make up, we were able to discuss about my skin type, her make up techniques, her background and her make up products (Inglot products). I learned that she was able to train her skills outside the country. She also do make up for models and T.V. personalities. One thing that’s great – I didn’t have a breakout the next day. 🙂


Facebook Page:


Contact Number: 0917.837.5325

Mikka Marcaida Packages

Mikka Marcaida Packages

We booked the Royals package and have a down payment of PHP2,000 to block our date. We were able to avail the discounted rate because it’s a bridal fair. Yehey!






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